Just as your feet are a key part of your body, tires are an important part of your automobile. Without good tires, it is difficult to get around to the places you need to visit in the Bronx, NY region. Here are some things to look for when getting tires for your vehicle:

How much do you drive? If you drive your car a lot - say, 18,000 miles a year or more - it's a good idea to get a high-quality tire that is rated for at least 50,000 miles.

In what conditions do you drive? If you plan to mostly drive in summer conditions by migrating south for the winter, then a summer-rated tire is OK. These tires are made for driving in dry and wet conditions. If you decide to stay up in the Bronx area for the full winter season, then you will want an all-season tire, which has different tread to help you most effectively grip the road during extreme weather conditions.

When it's time to get new tires, visit Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Bronx, NY. Our experienced staff will help you select the right tires for any adventure.

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