Safety Features of the Ram 1500

In the light-duty pickup truck class, the Ram 1500 remains a popular choice, prized for its rugged durability and powerhouse engine. The new model year also receives an upgrade in safety features that take advantage of recent advances in technology.

Towing a trailer is even easier thanks to the Ram 1500's new sensor array that uses radar to monitor blind spots while also taking into account the length of the trailer. While most trucks require the driver to manually adjust for trailer length, the Ram 1500 recognizes its own trailer and takes it into account when signaling about a detected obstruction.

The Ram 1500 also warns the driver when it senses the vehicle straying from its lane above a certain range in speed. This same radar array also aids the driver when using cruise control, automatically adjusting the speed when it senses an obstruction ahead on the road. When the driver changes lanes to avoid a car ahead, the Ram 1500 will once again return to its prior speed automatically.



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