The Ram ProMaster City's Cargo Area

The team here at Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is excited to show you around the Ram ProMaster City. This popular cargo van and passenger wagon is a great vehicle for both work and play. It has a spacious interior that's versatile enough for customization.

Drivers in the Bronx will appreciate the 131.7 cubic feet of storage space. The rear cargo area is large enough to fit pallets, heavy equipment, and so much more. Beyond the impressive space, Ram made sure that the van could be personalized to fit your unique needs. It's built as a blank canvas so that you can add items as you see fit.

For example, the walls of the cargo area are nearly vertical. This makes it easy to add shelving and wall storage. The floor is also uninterrupted. There are no vertical pieces jutting out. As a result, you can slide items in easily or install a comfortable floor cover. The wheel wells also have considerable space between them. There are about 48.4 inches of horizontal space to work with.



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