The Ram ProMaster City has no Problems in the Hauling Department

The roomy and capable 2019 Ram ProMaster City is a popular, durable, and eminently useful urban cargo vehicle. The Ram ProMaster City is designed for urban tradespersons and anyone else who needs robust hauling capability in a reasonably sized package. To this end, the 2019 ProMaster City posts towing and hauling numbers usually associated with larger vehicles.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster City is fitted what a powerful 4-cylinder engine that allows it to haul over 1,800-lb of internal freight. This is more than enough capacity to haul tools, cargo, or a host of personal items. Plus, if the internal storage space isn't enough the Ram ProMaster City allows operators to carry an additional 150-pounds of gear on the roof.

The 2019 Ram ProMaster City isn't just a virtuoso in the interior hauling department. It also provides drivers and passengers with healthy amounts of towing capacity. Each and every 2.4-L Ram ProMaster City is capable of towing up to 2,000-lb of gear. This allows occupants of this vehicle to tow items such as trailers, campers, and even small boats.



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