Jeep Cherokee: Big, Powerful, Sporty & Safe

Jeep Cherokee trounces competition in the SUV category. This popular ride offers distinct looks enhanced through multiple trim levels, with impressive towing capacity and champion-quality 4x4 off-road capability to boot. Our Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge team loves all of those traits, but we also love Cherokee's safety features. Take the following two for example.

Smooth, Stable Driving

Cherokee's Electronic Stability Control corrects understeering and oversteering, helping you maintain optimal vehicle control. It deploys a combination of special sensors with its unique 4WD system to detect and reverse any unintentional lane departures or veering.

More Efficient Stop & Go

Bumper-to-bumper scenarios sap your mental energy, but they also sap your fuel. Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop and Go optimizes Cherokee's fuel, automatically adjusting speed to maintain optimal following gaps. This features also compels Cherokee to a full stop after detecting a possible front-end collision.

Take a test spin in the Jeep Cherokee at our dealership today, and see why it remains a top SUV for hard work, play and adventure.


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