Recent advances in automotive safety technologies have made it infinitely easier for Bronx drivers to avoid accidents. Some of the latest safety features are designed to work seamlessly with motorists by alerting them of unseen obstructions, and quickly responding when they don't. At Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we want everyone to know just how helpful having a blind-spot monitor can be.

What Is a Blind-Spot Monitor?

Sometimes referred to as a blind-spot monitoring system, this tool has sensors for detecting vehicles, people, bicycles, and other obstructions that drivers can't readily see, even when taking full advantage of their mirrors. When obstructions are found,  audible alerts are issued. This way, motorists can stop backing up or changing lanes before collisions happen. 

Systems That Support Blind-Spot Monitors

Blind-Spot monitoring systems are often paired with rear cross-traffic alert systems and automatic emergency braking. With these pairings, even if drivers don't respond in time to avoid accidents; their vehicles will. Whether offered as a standalone feature or combined with other safety technologies, blind-spot monitoring makes it possible for people to operate their autos confidently, even in challenging, high-traffic environments.


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